Ventilation finished projects

Here are some of our finished projects by our HVAC department

2020Port of Tallin D-terminalventilation
2019Embassy of Estonia in MoscoqHVAC and sewage
2019Noblessner apartmentsventilation
2019Espak building storeventilation
2019Navigation centerventilation
2019Office building Metalli 5ventilation
2018T1 Mall of Tallinnventilation
2018Sütiste Health centerventilation
2018Tallinn airport parking houseventilation
2017Maxima store Ehitaja tee 148ventilation
2017Mobec office and warehouseventilation
2017Lahepea apartmentsventilation
2017Balti Station market buildingventilation
2016University of Tartu clinic 2 partventilation
2016Hotell Hiltonventilation
2015Appartment building Vibu tn 3ventilation
2015Office building Paldiski mnt 29ventilation
2014Restaurant Lõõtsa 6ventilation
2014Tapa barracksventilation
2013Production facility MetosDesign, ventilation, cooling
2013Lõõtsa 8a triple-towerventilation
2013Tondi tennis centre extensionventilation
2012Teletorn reconstructionventilation
2012Tehnomeedikum office buildingventilation
2011Port of Tallinn C-terminal (reconstruction)design
2011Apartment building Ravi 14design
2011Offce and production facility Paneeli 2design
2011Production facility Saha road 18design
2011Scania factory in Rakveredesign
2011Restaurant Tammsaare 62design
2011Lunden Food production facilitydesign
2010Ämmuste schoolenergy calculations
2010Alu education and culture centerenergy calculations
2010Office at Rahumäe streetdesign
2010Wipre office buildingdesign
2010Port of Tallinn yacht clubdesign
2010Apartment building Risti 14design
2010Terastehnika production facilitydesign
2010Shopping centre MUSTIKAS, extensiondesign, ventilation, cooling, building automation
2010EESTI PANK Cash and Security Department, renovationventilation, heating, cooling, water- and sewage plumbing
2010Rannarootsi shopping centreventilation
2010Mäetaguse nursing homeventilation
2010Kindergarten Mesimumm in Põlvaventilation
2010Forensic research facilitiesventilation
2010Apartment building in Raadikuventilation, building automation
2010Shopping centre KRISTIINE, extensionventilation, building automation
2010Office building at 45/47 Liivalaia Streetventilation, building automation
2010North Estonia Medical Centre, B-blockventilation, heating, cooling, building automation
2010North Estonia Medical Centre, C-blockventilation, heating, cooling, building automation
2009Renovation of the office building of BALTIKA ASdesign, ventilation, heating, cooling, building automation
2009Hotel Meriton Spaventilation
2009SOLARIS centre A-building and Lidoventilation
2009Aruküla Basic Schoolventilation, building automation
2009Mahtra Upper Secondary Schoolventilation, building automation
2009Rakvere Music Schoolventilation, building automation
2009Passages under the bastionsventilation, building automation, general construction
2009Production building of KRIMELTE ASventilation, cooling, building automation
2009Office building of TALLINKventilation, cooling
2009North Estonia Medical Centre, X-blockventilation, heating, cooling
2009E-PIIM production facilityVentilation and insulation design
2009 Mustika center expansionVentilation,cooling and automatics design
2008Baltika OfficeHeating-, ventilation-, cooling and automatics design
2008Viru Prisonventilation
2008Põltsamaa Felix production facilityVentilation design
2008Office building at Tammsaare Streetventilation, cooling
2008Extension of EHITUSSERVICEventilation, cooling, building automation
2008Shopping centre at 131 Riia Street, Pärnuventilation, cooling, building automation
2008Shopping centre at 3 Tornimäe Street, Tallinnventilation, heating, cooling
2008HOTELL "FOORUM"ventilation, heating, cooling
2008Office building at 16 Mustamäe Streetventilation, heating, cooling, sprinkler- and firewater plumbing
2008Mustika Center (reconstruction)Ventilation-, cooling- and automatics design
2008Tallink officeVentilation, cooling and heating design
2007Muuga fire station of North Estonian Regional Rescue Centregeneral contractor
2007Apartment tower at 3 Tornimäe Street, Tallinnventilation
2007Hotel Tallink Spaventilation
2007Electronics plant at Kuuli Streetventilation
2007Production building of SELVER KÖÖGID ASventilation
2007Pelgulinna Upper Secondary Schoolventilation, building automation
2007Server building of Hansapankventilation, cooling
2007Radio 4, alteration of roomsventilation, cooling
2007Warehouse and office building ANTSUventilation, heating, cooling
2007EKE business buildingVentilation-, cooling-, heating, sewer and water system reconstruction design
2006Apartment building at 8A and 8B Liikuri Streetventilation
2006Apartment buildings at 18 Valge Streetheating, ventilation, water- and sewage plumbing, building automation
2006New Upper Secondary School in Viimsiventilation, cooling
2006Main building of Hansapank, reconstruction of floors 5-13ventilation, cooling
2006Office of MARU EHITUSventilation, heating, cooling
2006Office building at 58 Veerenni Streetventilation, heating, cooling, water- and sewage plumbing
2006Apartment building at 17 Jakobsoni Streetventilation, heating
2006Tower building "Osten Tor"ventilation, heating
2005Port of Tallinn C-terminal, reconstructiongeneral contractor
2005Apartment building at 26F Pirita Streetventilation
2005Bread Factory LEIBUR in Tallinn, extension of the production buildingventilation
2005Office building ADMIRALI at 6 Ahtri Streetventilation
2005Apartment building at 19 Rävala Streetventilation
2005Reconstruction of Rakvere Meat Processing Plant waste handlingventilation, building automation
20052nd floor of Hotel Olympiaventilation, cooling
2005Main building of TTP ASventilation, cooling
2005SALOME car centre in Pärnuventilation, cooling, building automation
2005Production building "PROPLASTIK"ventilation, cooling, building automation
2005District Court House in Tallinnheating, ventilation, cooling
2005Business building SADAMARKETventilation, heating, cooling
2004Plant and veterinary check centre in Muugaventilation, heating, cooling, automation
2004Hotel Tallinkventilation
2004Apartment building at 96, 98a Männiku Streetventilation
20043rd floor of VIRU CENTREventilation
2004Customs and border checkpoint of the Port of Muugaventilation, building automation
2004Pirita Beach Buildingventilation, cooling
2004Pärnu Hospitalventilation, cooling
2004Spa Hotel Georg Ots in Kuressaareventilation, cooling
2004Bread Factory LEIBUR in Tallinn, reconstruction of dough-raising areaventilation, cooling
2004SVEDBERGS ceramics plantventilation, cooling, building automation
2004Tallinn Tecnical University Department of Chemistryventilation, heating, cooling
2004Office building of EESTI PANKventilation, heating, cooling
2004Apartment building at 102D Pärnu Streetventilation, cooling, water- and sewage plumbing
2003Port of Muuga, the administration building general contractor, construction works, ventilation, cooling, automation
2003Health rehabilitation centre VIIKINGventilation
2003Water park in Pärnuventilation
2003Car centre ABCventilation
2003Health rehabilitation centre ESTONIAventilation
2003K-RAUTA in Pärnuventilation, cooling
2003Hotel Olympia foyerventilation, heating, cooling
2003TRANS MERI warehouseventilation, heating, cooling
2003Hotel LIETUVA in Vilniusheating, ventilation, cooling, sprinkler system, water- and sewage plumbing, building automation
2002Renovation of Tabasalu Upper Secondary Schoolgeneral contractor, construction works, ventilation, cooling, automation
2002KESKO-AGRO warehouse in Jüriventilation, heating, water - and sewage plumbing
2002Sports centre in Viimsiventilation, heating, cooling, water- and sewage plumbing, building automation
2002Citymarket in Pärnuventilation, heating, cooling, water- and sewage plumbing, automation
2002GALVEX ESTONIA production buildingventilation
2002Shopping centre at 1/3 Estonia Streetventilation, building automation
2002Apartment house at 9 Roosikrantsi Street, Tallinnventilation, cooling
2002Citymarket in Haaberstiventilation, cooling
2002Wholesale store warehouseventilation, cooling, water- and sewage plumbing, building automation
2002The Port of Tallinn B-terminal, reconstructionheating, ventilation, cooling
2002Shopping centre Norde Centrumventilation, heating, cooling
2002The Concert Hall in Pärnuheating, ventilation, cooling, building automation
2001Renovation of the office building of EESTI PANK at Sakala Streetgeneral contractor, construction works, ventilation, cooling, automation
2001Renovation of the restaurant Olde Hansageneral contractor, construction works, ventilation, cooling, automation
2001Bowling and leisure centerdesign, ventilation, heating
2001Production building at 9 Betooni Streetventilation, heating, cooling, water- and sewage plumbing, automation
2001Rehabilitation hospital in Haapsaluventilation, building automation
2001Specialized kindergartenventilation, building automation
2001Tondi Supermarket in Tallinnventilation
2001SAKU ARENA in Tallinnventilation, heating, cooling
2000Renovation of Rakvere Hospitalgeneral contractor, construction works, ventilation, cooling, automation
2000Factory Elcoteq in Tallinn, extension, stages V-VIIventilation, heating, cooling, water-and sewage plumbing
2000Renovation of production facilities baltexventilation
2000PELERIIN MEDICAL production buildingventilation, building automation
2000Hotel Palace, renovationventilation, cooling
2000Hotel Olympia conference centre, renovationventilation, cooling
2000Järve Supermarket in Tallinnventilation, cooling
2000Water purification plant in Daugavpilsis
2000Estonian Post, processing and distribution centre in Tallinnventilation
1999Biomedicum of Tartu Universityventilation
1999Hansapank, office building in Tallinn (reconstruction)ventilation, cooling
1999The Port of Tallinn D-terminal (extension)heating, ventilation, cooling, building automation
1999Customs warehouse in Tallinnheating, ventilation, cooling, building automation
1999Ühispank, office building in Tallinnventilation
1998Business Centre RÜÜTLI in Pärnuheating, ventilation, cooling, building automation