Objects maintained by Clik AS

AS CLIK has been building and maintaining building HVAC systems since 1995. Today, we have over 200 clients with an active maintenance contracts with businesses and authorites all over Estonia.

CLIK AS maintenance

Bank of Estonia, since 1994
Tallink City Hotel
Administrative building of the Port of Tallinn and the terminals A, B, C, D
Administrative building of the Port of Tallinn at Muuga port
Balti Jaam Market
Athletics Hall of Lasnamäe in Tallinn
Audentes school and sports hall in Tallinn
Bauhof stores all around Estonia
Police and rescue building in Rakvere
Tallinn German Gymnasium
Port Artur shopping centre in Pärnu
Tammsaare Business Centre in Tallinn
Rautaruukki production bulidings in Pärnu
Nautica shopping centre
Lasnamäe Centrum shopping centre
Tammsaare Selver in Tallinn
Production buildings of Akzo Nobel in Rapla
Business buildings of EANS (Estonian Air Navigation Services)
Finnish Embassy in Tallinn
Tallink office building
Tornimäe Business Centre in Tallinn
Maxima XXX shopping centre in Pärnu
Unibet Arena in Tallinn
ERR News House
Georg Ots Spa Hotel in Kuressaare
Tallinn Health Care College
Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu
Mustamäe tee 3 Telia and Pipedrive office buildings
Mustakivi Prima shopping centre in Tallinn
Utilitas Väo biofuel-based combined heat and power stations
Embassy of Latvia in Estonia
Academic Library of Tallinn University
Baltika business building